Infant Health (Covid-19)

Please don’t mask your babies! 
Reasons not too are:

  • Baby’s have a smaller airway, making breathing through a mask more difficult.
  • Using a mask on an infant may increase the risk of suffocation. A snug fit gives them less access to air.
  • If they are having troubles breathing, infants cannot take the masks off themselves.
  • There are no N95 masks approved for children.

Tips to protect your newborn baby are:

  • Avoiding crowds, keeping babies away from crowded areas when possible.
  • Stay away from sick people. At least 6 feet distance from anyone who is sick with a cough of a fever.
  • Avoid others holding your baby, it is OK to say No ?
  • Washing your hands frequently when touching your baby
  • Avoid others coming to your home to visit you and your newborn baby
  • Avoid leaving your home to increase risk of catching illness for you and your newborns health

Delivering your baby with confirmed COVID-19, will it harm them?

  • We do not know at this time what if any risk is posed to infants of a pregnant woman who has COVID-19.
  • There have been a small number of reported problems with pregnancy or delivery (e.g. preterm birth) in babies born to mothers who tested positive for COVID-19 during their pregnancy. However, it is not clear that these outcomes were related to maternal infection.

For more information about the Coronavirus Disease 2019 and Infants visit:

Tips to help guide you with symptoms for your infant:

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