Success Stories

Healthy Start Success Stories

Kayla my coordinator has provided me with endless resources throughout my pregnancy. She regularly checks in with me to see how I am doing and if there is ever anything I may need. During our check-ins she provides me with information for the current milestones in pregnancy. I believe she truly cares and wants to help me in any way possible.  She’s provided me with resources for education during pregnancy and infant care and safety. I do not think I would be as knowledgeable and as prepared for the arrival of my child if it were not for Kayla and the Healthy Start program. – S.F., Melbourne, FL

Since, the birth of my daughter, Chloe, I’ve remained in contact with Mary and the Healthy Start program. My husband and I feel very strongly about the good work this organization provides to our community. Monthly, we bring supplies for new moms for Healthy Start to distribute. We try to bring things like diapers, wipes, diaper cream, formula, breastfeeding supplies. Ever since having a child we cannot imagine not being able to afford these necessary items and our hearts break for any moms who wonder how they can afford these. The Healthy Start program has unique access to expecting and new moms. The work being done is so important! We have been lucky enough to have a second daughter, Katelyn, and the team has supported us—and snuggled her when we drop off supplies—yet again. – Erin

Healthy Start has helped me and my baby keep track of his development and provide us with much needed resources as well as info on his development and things to look forward to as he grows up. They’ve also helped me keep track of my personal goal of breastfeeding for an entire year. Karen always makes sure I’m doing well and that me and my baby have what we need. – V.R.,Titusville, FL

I had been living overseas for 5 years. Upon finding out I was pregnant, I returned to Brevard to be near my family. I had absolutely no idea what resources were available to single moms. I filled out a Healthy Start form at a doctor’s appointment and received a phone call a few days later.  After our first meeting, I felt so relieved. I had information about a free pack n play, low cost car seats, even parenting classes where I could earn free baby clothes and diapers. Every meeting after that was like a nice visit from a friend. I have had a wonderful experience with everyone at Healthy Start, especially Samantha and Summer. They were and continue to be very supportive and always check to see how I’m feeling and if they can help with anything. They have also monitored my daughter’s development and made sure I was informed about my prenatal care. Now my daughter is 6 months old, very healthy and happy. Thank you Healthy Start for helping me to become the best mother I can be. – Beth

I like Healthy Start because they help with supplies for my baby. They help with resources I may need. They call and check in on myself and my children. They offer counseling, they are there for me if I need to talk to someone because I’m overwhelmed. –
A.S., Palm Bay, FL

I am 20 years old with a 3 month old son. I have no parents to help me or show me how to care for my son. That is why I appreciate the Healthy Start program so much. My worker educates me on various parenting techniques that help me be the best parent I can be. She is someone who answers any questions I have. To me this is a blessing that such a program exists.Thank You Healthy Start and all those involved. – Sincerely, Madison

Healthy Start has been an amazing program for me! It’s refreshing having the support and the resources during a time when there is so much change happening within and around me. My coordinator has been awesome at not only answering my questions and supplying me with information, but also at relating to me and being realistic. This kind of support is something you don’t think you need until you receive it. – K.F., Palm Bay, FL

The Healthy Start program is a wonderful program for pregnant women and new mothers. I was new to the area and they helped me locate everything from clothing to doctor’s offices. They came to my house once a month to see how I was doing. They made me feel very comfortable and I had someone to help me with anything I needed. It was a wonderful experience and I would recommend it to anyone. – Kristine

Healthy Start has been a great program for me and my family. Transitioning from one baby to two was a big change for me and this program has provided a great line of support during my new transition to motherhood. Everyone within this program that I have met or spoken to has always been very polite and helpful. I highly recommend the Healthy Start program to all moms! – J.N., Mims, FL

I love Healthy Start… It’s been really helpful. They help with parenting. They give you all the information that you need to know about being a parent. It’s a great program. I love it and would recommend it to other families. – Myriam

Healthy Start has empowered me to be the best mother I can be! Cathy, my care coordinator, has given me the support and resources my family needed. Without Healthy Start my baby and I would have gone without. Cathy offered me so much support during my pregnancy and after. She helped me remember to take my prenatals and to make healthy choices for myself and my baby. Cathy also gave me information on how to best care for my baby and make the best decisions for him. Thank you Healthy Start and thank you Cathy, for helping me and my family. – T.F., Palm Bay, FL

I participated in Healthy Start when I was pregnant with my first daughter, Chloe. As a first time mom, pregnancy, childbirth, and child-raising were all new territory for me. All I knew was that the program provided education and I felt like I needed a lot of that. Mary came to my house once a month. She’d always ask me how things were going, how I was feeling, how my doctor appointments went and which ones were coming up, how my preparations for the baby were coming along, and the like. She’d also provide information on the various stages of pregnancy I was in. I remember distinctly the tidbit detailing where my weight gain was specifically (e.g. a couple pounds of extra blood, about how much the placenta and amniotic fluid weighs, etc…—and not those cookies that I loved!). This information comforted me when I got on the scale. But these visits also did more than just provide education. I had moved to Florida only a couple months before I got pregnant. I work from home and so I had not met very many people. My mother had passed from an inoperable brain tumor a couple years earlier. Mary’s visits gave me an ear to unload my first time mom fears on, a sounding board for my ideas, and a friend to celebrate with when I wanted to show off the nursery I’d worked on creating for my daughter. The support from this program was invaluable.

Healthy Start has helped me stay accountable during my pregnancy by making sure I keep my appointments and continue to take my medication as prescribed. They have also helped me get ready for my baby by helping with essentials like diaper, wipes, and a diaper baby. Healthy Start has helped me to be excited for my pregnancy and the arrival of my baby girl. – H.T., Palm Bay, FL

Nurse Family Partnership Success Stories

Nurse Family Partnership has been a big help for me. Nurse Jennifer was and has been with me from my pregnancy until now. The information I was provided, the encouragement that was give, and even knowing I could call/text her with whatever problem, concerns, or general questions I had was very reassuring as a first-time mom. I was never judged for my feelings and things I thought was the right or wrong way. Having this program in my life really helped me through all my insecurities and indiscretions. I’m happy I agreed to try this program and I recommend it to every first-time mom I meet. This is a life changing program, and I am very happy to have had Nurse Jennifer along for the ride. Thank you Nurse Family Partnership and Thank you Nurse Jennifer. – T.F., Titusville, FL

Nurse family partnership has helped me tremendously as a first-time mom. My nurse helped me throughout my pregnancy just to answer questions about the new and strange things that my body was doing. Now that my son Dawson has been born, she has been there to help guide me through his first year of his life. She has also been a huge help in helping me understand my son’s milestones and when different stages of his development should be taking place. Its ultimately given me the confidence I need to know that I am doing a good job raising my little boy and I am truly grateful for NFP. – J.N., Titusville, FL

I cannot begin to express my gratitude to Nurse Family Partnerships. They Have helped me so much through my pregnancy by giving me a wonderful nurse name Christi who has been nothing but amazing to me. She has done everything in her power to make sure I knew everything about my pregnancy & the resources I had & could receive. Also, not to mention the wonderful recommendations and learning videos she has sent me to help me understand certain things like breastfeeding, my diabetes and how to help manage them during my pregnancy & what happen in each trimester/week of pregnancy. The calls every other week to check in on me and make sure everything is going fine with me and my baby and just talking about any and everything was so Amazing and so heartwarming. I am very grateful for Nurse Family Partnership and want to thank you guys from the bottom of my heart for everything you guys have done for me and my son. – J.W., Cocoa, FL

Nurse family partnership has not only helped me develop knowledge and skills on understanding my baby, but also helped develop a new outlook on myself and how it’s important to care for myself too. A lot of the time new parents will forget to have a release from the pressure and stress buildup of wondering if you’re doing it right, and in the end it causes you to become so overwhelmed and break from the stress you feel inside. I’ve been there and felt that, and without the help of NFP I’d still be there. Throughout my pregnancy, learning and being able to talk to someone was the best thing I could ask for, and after my daughter was born being able to show the NFP program how she grows and develops and becomes her own person is one of the best feelings because they watch her grow up with me. They were there from the very beginning and continue to be there every day. – N.R.A, Melbourne, FL

Being a part of the Nurse Family Partnership Program has benefited my daughter’s life as well as my life drastically. Becoming a mom at a young age was not easy at all, but all the resources Nurse Christi assisted me with helped me out so much. We’ve had non-stop help from the beginning! When my mother passed last year I was shown nothing but support from Nurse Christi, she provided me with plenty of information to make sure I was stable and ok during my time of grief. I’m so happy to even be apart of such a great program and I’m super lucky to have benefited from it so much. – S.J., Palm Bay, FL

Nurse Family Partnership has benefited me so much. From Jennifer helping me understand the process of my pregnancy. To make sure I was always good, health wise and emotionally wise. When this pandemic started, I was an emotional wreck. I had to do a lot of things alone that you wouldn’t have to do. Not to mention the fact that I was panicked about me actually catching the virus. Jennifer made sure I knew it was all going to be okay. She even helped me make sure I had everything for my little guy since I wasn’t able to have a baby shower because of the pandemic. I don’t know what I would have done without NFP and Jennifer. I can’t thank them enough. – K.S., Melbourne, FL

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