Bonnie Schuster Memorial Fund

The Bonnie Schuster Memorial Fund is dedicated to providing emergency assistance to pregnant woman and children for services that are currently not available through Healthy Start or other community resources. Since inception in October, 1998, this fund has paid for specialized formula, preemie diapers, prescription medications, car repairs, eye glasses, transportation out of a domestic violence situation, baby supplies including crib and mattress, utility bills and much more.


  • Requests for funds must come from a community organization
  • Each application must not exceed $200
  • Funds are available to each recipient a maximum of three times
  • Recipient must have tried to receive help first from at least two other community sources
  • Approval for services will be processed within 48 business hours
  • Funds are awarded to a business/organization and not directly to the client

Guidelines for the Bonnie Schuster Memorial Fund have been established to ensure that the family is in touch with a community service group that can assist them in getting the help they need to improve their situation.

The Bonnie Schuster Memorial Fund is funded by local grants and community donations.


This thank you note came from a local businessman….Angel was born at 34 weeks with several medical conditions and sadly did not survive. The only child of this family, they did not have the funds to bury her let alone place a marker at her grave site. The community really came together for this family – our local funeral home gave Angel a place to rest, you gave Angel a marker, and another individual placed ‘Angel’ on the marker. Your assistance of $180 really made a difference in this family’s life, thank you!

I recently left my husband from a domestic violent situation. My one year old son and I started over. The reason that I was asking for funds (if you don’t remember) was because I lost my job due to it going out of business. All the bills had gotten backed up, even the rent. I had just gotten a job, but everything was going towards my rent – that is when I knew I needed help. I went to my social worker and finally admitted that I needed help – after many tries at other location, she went to you. I was supposed to get disconnected from the water and electric in three days but with everything going to rent I was at a loss. With a total of $241.21 you helped my son and I out of a anxious situation. Thank you for everything you do. I know that I can handle what comes in the future and plan to pay this kindness forward. Thank you again, S.G.

My daughter was born at 26 weeks with no warning. We were quickly transferred to Winnie Palmer in Orlando. With a three year old at home, a husband that was deployed and no family to assist, I could not stay in Orlando each night. I knew that I wanted to see her, hold her (providing ‘kangaroo care’) and I knew I wanted to do breastfeeding but I also knew the gas to and from would break me. When I was granted $100 for transportation…I cried! This allowed me to see my daughter, I was able to provide ‘kangaroo care’ and breast milk. She is thriving and home now. (On a side note, my husband was able to be on leave to bring our daughter home.) I feel so blessed to be assisted, thank you! W.D.

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