Bonding is the intense attachment that develops between you and your baby. It makes parents want to shower their baby with love and affection, to protect and nourish them.

The strong attachment you form early on provides your baby with the feelings of security and trust that your baby needs to grow up confident and well adjusted around other people.

Bonding is a process. Bonds are built one step at a time. The holding, touching, talking and playing that you do while caring for your baby builds into a strong relationship.

Early bonding activities:

  • Feeding; sometimes dad forms a special bond with baby when he handles a night feeding & diaper changes
  • Reading or singing to baby
  • Sharing a bath with baby
  • Mirroring baby’s movements
  • Mimicking baby’s noises
  • Using a front baby carrier
  • Letting baby handle you – feeling the different textures of dad’s face

10 Simple Things That Can Boost Your Baby’s Brain Power

  1. Interaction – Spend time watching and responding to your baby’s cues
  2. Loving Touch – Cradle, hold, touch and hug your baby
  3. Stable Relationship – Be there for your child
  4. Safe, Healthy Environment – Create a safe place for your baby to explore
  5. Self-Esteem – Pay attention to and praise your child
  6. Quality Child Care – Find someone you trust to care for your child in your absence
  7. Communication – Talk to your baby; little conversations mean a lot
  8. Play – Play with your baby; it helps him or her to learn and grow
  9. Music – Sing songs to your baby; Music can be fun to share
  10. Reading – Read to your baby; it helps develop a close bond between you and your baby

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